Griffin Saiia

Staff Software Developer I
Years of Experience:
Education & Licenses:

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 2020, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Areas of Specialization:

Backend Development
C#, Python, Typescript


Mr. Saiia is a software developer with the Technology & Software Products Team at E2G.  Mr. Saiia has worked extensively to expand the graphics infrastructure within E2G’s PlantManager™ application and develop new model classes.  Additionally, Mr. Saiia has been a part of several efforts to modernize and partition E2G services into self-contained REST APIs.  Prior to working at E2G, Mr. Saiia developed firmware at a medical devices company located in Northern Ireland.  His work in firmware focused on developing specialized data transmission protocols optimized for LTE and writing low-level APIs for various boards/input types.  Additionally, Mr. Saiia has exposure to the cloud space through personal project and internship experience. 

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