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2021 was an exciting year for the E2G software team! In September, we held a super user group meeting for API RBI and SagePlus where we shared the latest updates, improvements, and new capabilities with our user community. Plus, as part of our investment in technology and software development, we’ve restructured our software team to build the right products for you, to build them right the first time, to build them fast, and to deliver them via the web.

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SIMFLEX-IV: A Modern Pipe Stress Engineering Solution

Authors: Donald L. Brown, Ph.D., Consulting Researcher I; Edrissa Gassama, Ph.D., Senior Researcher II; Daniel Spring, Ph.D., Group Head Consulting Researcher I

SIMFLEX-IV, the latest update to E2G’s cloud-based piping stress analysis software, will help you prevent potential failures by improving the structural integrity of piping systems and supporting structures. In a single run, you will be able to assess sustained, occasional, and displacement stresses at every data point throughout the piping system. This article introduces you to fast and easy ways to integrate advanced static and dynamic piping stress analysis into your daily workflow.

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Launching the New Equity Engineering Cloud (eec) Platform

Launching the New Equity Engineering Cloud (eec) Platform

Author: Daniel W. Spring, Ph.D., Group Head Consulting Researcher I

The newly launched eec platform delivers accurate engineering calculations using the speed and flexibility of the cloud. The refreshed interface and dashboard layout are streamlined to make it faster and easier to make informed decisions on safety and reliability. The eec remains your one-stop platform to help you manage risk and control inspection costs throughout a facility’s lifecycle.

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E2G Software Team Changes: SaaS

During the Software User Group Meeting, David A. Osage highlighted recent changes to E2G’s software team.  We have created a new business unit, Software as a Service (SaaS), which solidifies our investment in

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