Assess Piping System Stress & Loads

SIMFLEX-III, a cloud-based software, evaluates and analyzes dynamic and static pipe stress caused by structural, pressure, temperature, or environmental conditions. SIMFLEX-III checks sustained, occasional, and displacement stresses, at each piping inspection point, comply with all ASME B31 code stress requirements.

Experience SIMFLEX-III for yourself.


Visualize and explore calculation results using the software’s 2D and 3D visualization capabilities. SIMFLEX-III uses the solid code developed by Peng but is updated and improved for the next generation.

  • Check geometry using the 3D view of input piping systems
  • Output detailed text results for clear and easy review
  • View layout drawing dimensions, including key flange face location, bend tangent intersection, and piping vertical elevations

SIMFLEX-III Key Features

SIMFLEX-III performs several piping stress analyses to help you achieve maximum accuracy and productivity, using the following features:

  • Piping input keywords use industry standard terms
  • Run one of the available analysis: code compliance, spring design, rotating equipment load compliance, anchor & support load combination, limit stops
  • Code compliance to B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, and B31.8
  • View all input data on one screen for faster and more efficient data entry
  • Integrated analysis for load categories and operating conditions
  • Automatically combine all stresses into different categories to simplify code requirement comparisons
  • Output report includes all piping system data
  • Friction with unlimited supports and multiple load cases
  • Underground piping analysis with soil modeling and friction
  • Automated Bijlaard Analysis for pressure vessel nozzles
  • Natural frequencies and dynamic analysis including response spectra analysis for earthquake loading, time history analysis for arbitrary time dependent loads, and harmonic analysis
  • 3D graphics of input model and display of analysis results

SIMFLEX-III is available on the eec platform as an individual module or can be combined with other cloud tools for expanded analysis capabilities. 

E2G offers several subscription options giving you the flexibility to choose the individual products, suites, or combination to meet your project goals.

Annual Subscriptions

Long-term subscriptions provide flexibility and scalability to meet facility or corporate needs.

Short-Term Subscriptions

The 30-day subscription is designed to meet immediate project requirements.

Software Expertise

E2G’s proprietary software is built by industry experts and used by our consulting engineers on fitness-for-service (FFS), damage mechanism reviews, risk-based inspection (RBI) assessments and other asset lifecycle management projects. E2G software is updated frequently to meet the latest API and ASME codes and standards.

Our experts:

  • Have 380+ years of combined experience
  • Pioneered development of FFS and RBI
  • Are the primary authors on WRC 528 and WRC 562
  • Serve as lead investigators on API 579 and API 571

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