The world is changing. The global energy transition is impacting equipment operations, engineering practices, and inspection strategies across all industrial processing industries.

As operations evolve, we know how important it is to remain aligned with your company’s long-term strategic direction, achieve proactive asset management, and meet jurisdictional requirements. At E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc., our consulting services, corporate standards, and industry-leading software deliver practical solutions that solve your asset challenges and meet your operational needs.

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Deteriorating assets, including fixed equipment, structures, foundations, and other infrastructure, cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Assessing the integrity of your in-service equipment will help you proactively solve issues, minimize failures, and save money…



Fitness-for-Service for Aboveground Storage Tanks – Industry Insights

The 5th edition of ANSI/API 2530 Overfill Prevention for Storage Tanks in Petroleum Facilities was published in September 2020. The revision was informed by regulatory concerns over several incidents of gross overfilling leading to serious consequences affecting employees and nearby communities. All incidents can be traced to loss of operational control of storage tanks, chiefly during filling activities…


E2G Event Calendar

Quickly access upcoming virtual or in-person training courses, webinars, and other E2G-hosted events. Our monthly webinars are complimentary and include a variety of industry-relevant topics. All API-U and E2G Technical Institute (ETI) training courses can be customized to meet your organization’s training needs and qualify as activities for API’s CPD requirements.



API-U Approved Training

We believe in continuous learning for both you and your team. As active participants in the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) committees, we stay on top of industry technology, standards, and advancements. We use this knowledge to develop high-quality training courses and webinars to help fuel your curiosity of the processing and manufacturing industries…


Risk-Based Inspection

Risk-based inspection (RBI) quantifies risk and gives you the wisdom to make informed decisions about how, where, and when to inspect assets. Remove uncertainty by evaluating your equipment and refocusing inspection efforts onto the highest-risk items…


Storage Tank RBI

It’s costly and time- consuming to inspect storage tanks. Many facilities apply risk-based inspection (RBI) techniques to defer these costly internal inspections that were scheduled using a time-based interval…


API RBI Software

Many companies provide RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) software. Most claim to be compliant with API RP (Recommended Practice) 580; a few claim to comply with API RP 581. E2G |The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.’s software is the only API-branded RBI software product because we are committed to fully supporting the RBI technology as documented in API RP 581…


Inlet Pressure Drop

Recent changes to the infamous 3% rule on inlet pressure drop to pressure relief valves (PRVs) have raised many questions. The ongoing efforts by the API improve the current industry codes and standards for pressure relief valve instability…



Pressure Relief Systems – Everything You Wanted to Know

Pressure relief systems (PRS) are used at thousands, if not millions, of refineries, petrochemical plants, and other industrial processing facilities around the world. Properly functioning relief systems are essential for protecting plant personnel and equipment from unexpected overpressure events which may result in equipment damage, loss of containment, environmental damage, costly plant shutdowns, and/or non-compliance fines…


SagePlus Software

Achieve safer facilities and plants by evaluating equipment design and in-service conditions to make informed engineering decisions on the remaining life of fixed equipment, piping, and structures…



API RBI Software

Many companies provide RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) software. Most claim to be compliant with API RP (Recommended Practice) 580; a few claim to comply with API RP 581. E2G |The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.’s software is the only API-branded RBI software product because we are committed to fully supporting the RBI technology as documented in API RP 581…




Proactively understand the maze of damage mechanisms found in your facility and select the best inspection method for each type of damage to reduce costly fixed equipment failures and increase operational safety. DamageWeb, a cloud-based tool, is the only software created to specifically help inspection and maintenance personnel streamline the process of pinpointing damage mechanisms and identifying potential risk areas…


Engineering Practices (EEPs)

Where are the Corporate Standards? Or maybe the question is more often “When were the standards last updated?” Do either of these questions sound familiar? Now it’s possible for all employees – from engineering to the plant – to easily access current, searchable, and customized corporate standards from design to replacement. There is only one solution that delivers…


How Do Your Standards Compare?

Corporate Standards are essential for sharing knowledge throughout your company. Having up-to-date and easily accessible standards ensures your facilities and equipment are operating both safely and reliably. Take this quick test to find out how your organization’s engineering standards compare to the industry’s most comprehensive best practices…


Your Organization and Industry Have Specific Needs…So Stop Settling for Generic Best Practices!

What differentiates the EEPs from other solutions is that the system, its delivery method, and all of its contents are fully customizable. Each organization is provided with their own branded and customized version of our most current base collection delivered through an access-controlled website. As part of the initial and on-going customization effort, we work with organizations to incorporate corporate preferences, corporate memory, and lessons-learned into their customized collection…


Industries We Work With

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to help you improve facility-wide safety, increase inspection efficiencies, reduce equipment downtime, and maximize operational reliability.

Oil & Gas

Address the evolving needs in the upstream and downstream energy industries with E2G’s extensive engineering experience and software.

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Maintain the safety and integrity of aboveground storage tanks, terminals, and pipelines with proactive engineering services.

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Other Industries

Manage risk, control inspection costs, and create safe operating environments at all types of industrial processing facilities, including nuclear energy, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace.

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Events & Training

Wherever you are in your career, new hire, mid-career, or expert, we have a training course or webinar to support your professional growth. With a multitude of learning options, the choice is yours: Learn from a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers who have 20+ years of industry experience. Our instructors combine this expertise with the latest API and ASME codes and standards to develop industry relevant and applicable training courses. All training courses offered by E2G qualify as activities for API’s new CPD hours.

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How We Can Help You

E2G takes a multi-disciplinary approach to solving your typical industry challenges. See below for how we can help solve three of the top challenges our clients experience.

Eliminate Knowledge Gaps

We’re in the midst of a massive crew change – subject matter experts (SMEs) are retiring, and there are fewer new engineers or personnel available to fill those roles. The Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs) capture SME knowledge and integrate that information into the industry’s most comprehensive corporate standards. The EEPs are accessible to all employees, which increases the safety and reliability of your facility.

Comply with Jurisdictional Codes & Regulations

Jurisdictional requirements change quickly, and non-compliance can result in costly fines or loss of revenue. As active members on many API and ASME committees, we know the codes and standards and use this knowledge on every project and technology we deliver. We help you meet jurisdictional requirements without over-engineering.

Minimize Unplanned Maintenance or Shutdown

All unplanned maintenance or shutdowns come with a significant cost – you need to get the equipment operating quickly to minimize production and revenue losses. E2G offers pre-turnaround planning, proactive fitness-for-service (FFS) assessments, and risk-based inspection (RBI) program implementation to help you minimize unplanned shutdowns, improve equipment reliability, and reduce operational risk.

Equity Engineering Practices

The Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs) are a collection of detailed and customizable Best Practices integrated with a management system provided to satisfy the requirements of Process Safety Management (PSM). Originally developed over two decades ago, the EEPs have been used on countless capital and maintenance projects across multiple industry segments and have been continuously updated and expanded to align with changing Recommended and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) requirements.

Bring EEPs to Your Organization

Each week, the news is filled with articles of owner-operators converting traditional petroleum processing facilities over to biofuel, biodiesel, or other renewable energy processing facilities. Much of this change is being driven by fuel credits of tax incentives that many governments are offering to support the global energy transition. This month, we examine two areas of reuse projects that build on E2G’s recent consulting project experience from facility equipment (fixed and rotating), piping, structures and foundations, to other infrastructure.

API Inspection & Mechanical Integrity Summit

We are looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit in San Antonio! Our team is hosting eight training courses covering topics related to fitness-for-service (FFS), suitability-for-service (SFS), aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), brittle fracture, piping vibration, and pressure relief devices (PRDs). Earn valuable CPD hours and sign-up for a course today!

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Let E2G’s SMEs Train Your Future SMEs!

Knowing the fundamentals of industry programs, codes and standards, and technology will prepare new engineers for long-term success. At E2G, we have developed a new training course that supports knowledge transfer between industry experts and junior engineers, plus fills the gap for those companies without a formal training program. This article expands upon the June 16th webinar in which Mark Harmody introduced the curriculum for the Fundamentals of Asset Lifecycle Management course (FALCM).

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E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. is a technology-driven company that solves engineering problems. Our consulting services and software are focused on finding answers to challenging industry problems, while promoting safety and reducing risk to people, equipment, and the environment.

E2G leverages technology and industry experience to extend the safe operating life of new and aging equipment by helping to prevent future failures, increase efficiencies, reduce downtime, maximize reliability, and minimize damage. We help clients improve profitability by managing risk and controlling inspection costs throughout a facility’s lifecycle.


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