Safe operation of your equipment and facilities is essential to protecting your employees, the community, and the environment. You need to be confident in the long-term reliability and safety of all equipment and assets in an industrial plant.

At E2G, our engineering and consulting services are focused on managing the entire asset lifecycle to provide you with practical recommendations to improve safety, increase equipment reliability, and mitigate risk

Asset Lifecycle Management

Adopting an equipment lifecycle management process will help you to reduce risk, optimize design and construction, predict future maintenance and inspection costs, maximize equipment availability, and comply with local regulations. Our engineering consulting services are focused on delivering a comprehensive asset lifecycle management framework, including:
  • Damage mechanism identification
  • Construction codes and design standards
  • In-service maintenance and inspection planning
  • Fitness-for-Service (FFS) and Suitability-for-Service (SFS) standards
  • Post-construction and repair guidelines

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Engineering Service Areas

Promote compliance, safety, and reliability across all facilities using standardized Best Practices to improve the quality of engineering programs, project execution, and asset lifecycle.

Identify and understand potential damage mechanisms that may cause equipment failure or create adverse operating or maintenance issues.

Achieve safe, efficient, and reliable operations by implementing proactive and reactive MI strategies that address every stage of an asset’s lifecycle.

Assess the structural integrity of assets and components to proactively increase operational safety, minimize failures, and save money.

Ensure that safety critical pressure relieving systems provide adequate protection to processes and meet the latest RAGAGEP.

Refocus maintenance dollars to priority areas by using risk as a basis for prioritizing and managing in-service inspection programs.

Identify the highest-risk equipment and piping systems, prioritize field screening, and decrease the risk of vibration fatigue failures.

Increase operational reliability and extend equipment life by making informed run, repair, or replace decisions on in-service equipment. 

Establish measurement objectives and constraints to improve the safety and reliability of instrument and control systems.

Industry Insights

Improving Reliability of Bolted Flanged Joints

Author: Robert C. Davis, P.E., Consulting Engineer II

ASME VIII-1 Appendix 2 flange design rules states flanges should be sufficiently robust to withstand the stresses produced by operating loads; however, what happens if those flanges leak during operation?. Do you know what options are available to reduce or eliminate the potential risk of leakage in bolted flange joints? In this article, Bob Davis introduces several options to evaluate bolted flange designs with the goal of minimizing the risk of leakage without risking damage to any of the joint components.

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SIMFLEX-IV: A Modern Pipe Stress Engineering Solution

Authors: Donald L. Brown, Ph.D., Consulting Researcher I; Edrissa Gassama, Ph.D., Senior Researcher II; Daniel Spring, Ph.D., Group Head Consulting Researcher I

SIMFLEX-IV, the latest update to E2G’s cloud-based piping stress analysis software, will help you prevent potential failures by improving the structural integrity of piping systems and supporting structures. In a single run, you will be able to assess sustained, occasional, and displacement stresses at every data point throughout the piping system. This article introduces you to fast and easy ways to integrate advanced static and dynamic piping stress analysis into your daily workflow.

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E2G employs some of the most talented engineers in the industry – we are your “go-to” consultants for the hard-to-solve problems. E2G is internationally recognized in the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries as a leader on aging infrastructure services and support. Our team combines their extensive experience with state-of-the-art technology to help extend the lifecycle of your existing assets and create safe operating environments.

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