Estimate Remaining Life & Manage Risk

Proactively Create Safe Operating Environments

Pressure, temperature, stress, corrosion…so many potential risks, what could go wrong? 

Over time, these risks may result in significant operational or maintenance costs in process units. By proactively managing the lifecycle of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and piping, you will identify potential damage mechanisms, create safe operating environments, and extend the equipment’s remaining life.  

We are the leaders in the lifecycle management of industrial manufacturing and processing facilities. We leverage our extensive experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide practical design, operation, and inspection considerations to manage risk and maximize the damage tolerance of equipment in process units, including pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, and piping. 

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Improve safety and reliability

Develop inspection plans

Avoid costly equipment downtime

Identify areas of vulnerability

Materials & Corrosion Consulting Service Areas

Identifying active and potential damage mechanisms helps predict an equipment’s remaining life and the potential risk for failure.

Thorough CCDs and customized limits are instrumental to mechanical integrity and risk-based inspection (RBI) programs.

Combine mechanistic damage modeling with fitness-for-service (FFS) rules to predict HTHA, estimate remaining life, and develop practical inspection recommendations.

High-Temperature Creep​

Account for high-temperature material properties and perform Omega creep tests and accurate remaining life assessments.

Identify corrosion monitoring locations (CMLs) using advanced thickness analysis to find localized corrosion or thinning trends in piping circuits.

Hot tap assessments combine fluid dynamics and sensitivity analysis modeling to determine in-service equipment mechanical load and design, risk of weld cracking, and other unintended reactions.

Identify the most cost and time-effective changes to allow reliable biofuels processing and develop practical inspection strategies after the equipment is repurposed.

Achieve immediate answers to the cause of a failure and receive practical inspection guidance to get a facility’s operations underway quickly and safely.

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Materials & Corrosion Expertise

Our team of corrosion and metallurgy experts combine their extensive experience with state-of-the-art technology to create safe operating environments while also guiding equipment design, material selection, inspection strategies, weld repair techniques, and process optimization.

Our M&C experts:

  • Have 350+ years of combined field experience
  • Pioneered development of FFS and RBI
  • Are the primary authors on WRC 528 and WRC 562
  • Served as lead investigators on API 579 and API 571
  • Provide emergency onsite support within 24 hours