Make Every Second Count

There’s been an equipment failure or fire at your facility. Every second counts. You need a team on site who can provide immediate answers, outline practical recommendations, and offer corrective solutions.

At E2G, our team has decades of plant experience and access to the latest laboratory equipment to help get your facility back up to full operation quickly and safely. Our team is equipped to rapidly mobilize; we can arrive on site within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Failure or Incident Analysis

When a component fails, conducting a root cause failure analysis (RCFA) is critical to quickly and accurately determining repair/replace strategies. Using our access to state-of-the-art analytical laboratory equipment, E2G will investigate the root cause of a failure, provide guidance into what happened, and offer practical risk-mitigation strategies using the following methods:

Use or “scoop” samples to identify high-temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA).

Develop “custom” minimum pressurization temperature (MPT) envelopes and perform critical flaw sizing to mitigate the risk of in-service cracking failures.

Perform creep damage characterization and Omega creep testing.

Guide inspection efforts and perform material testing to quantify in-service material degradation after high-temperature exposure.

Quantify the impact of thermal runaway or upset events.

Distinguish fabrication defects from fatigue damage or other types of in-service cracking.

Offer damage mitigation solutions for all relevant damage mechanisms and estimate equipment remaining life.

Perform detailed laboratory analysis and metallography to identify the cause of failure.

Fire Damage Assessments

In the unfortunate event that a fire occurs and damages equipment, it’s important to access immediate support to minimize replacement costs and downtime. Using API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Part 11 as the foundation, E2G will conduct a thorough examination of the damage that will help guide your inspection, repairs, and equipment replacement decisions.

E2G's Workflow: Failure Analysis & Fire Damage Assessment

Unfortunately, equipment failures and fires do happen, and learning from those incidents is key to continuous improvement. Our standard failure analysis or fire damage assessment provides you with practical recommendations to improve the safety of your equipment or facility. Using our fitness-for-service (FFS) expertise, we identify the components that need to be replaced, repaired, or can continue to operate safely. At E2G, our team is available within 24 hours for on-site or virtual examinations.

Our services include:

  • Conduct an incident investigation
  • Manage field services (hardness testing, replication, inspection)
  • Determine if high-cost, long-lead time equipment items (exchangers, vessels, reactors, pumps) are fit for service
  • Communicate with plant leadership, on-site personnel, and, if requested, third-party firms
  • Develop comprehensive engineering report with component-specific action items or recommendations
  • Assess condition of every affected component, pressure boundary, and soft goods and consumables
  • Perform failure analysis of damaged components
  • Conduct a structural engineering analysis
  • Participate in and/or facilitate the root-cause analysis
  • Additional services available – laser scanning, vibration/dynamics measurement, and other field tests for equipment potentially affected by the incident

E2G's Sampling Process

Effectively determine the remaining life of equipment and quantify risk by understanding the material properties and levels of material degradation. E2G’s proprietary technology, the Buckeye SamplerTM, takes small samples to help to identify equipment that’s vulnerable to HTHA damage, creep, fire damage, or other damage mechanisms and enables detailed microstructural laboratory analysis to determine the current state of damage progression.

The Buckeye Sampler will:

  • Accurately control cut depths and match the dimensions qualified during the FFS assessment
  • Eliminate mismatch or depth inaccuracies with the single-motion cutting action
  • Remove samples from the inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) on carbon or low-alloy steels

Failure & Incident Investigation Expertise

E2G combines experts with decades of plant experience with access to state-of-the-art analytical laboratory equipment to provide immediate answers to the cause of failures as well as practical recommendations and corrective answers. We are available to arrive on site within 24 hours to help facilitate incident or fire damage investigations, as part of a formal root cause failure analysis (RCFA) or API 585 type protocol. 

Our experts: 

  • Have 350+ years of combined field experience  
  • Pioneered development of FFS and RBI 
  • Are the primary authors on WRC 528 and WRC 562 
  • Serve as lead investigators on API 579 and API 571 
  • Provide emergency on site support within 24 hours