Stop, Listen, and Solve Vibration Issues

Acoustic vibration differs from piping vibration and often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Acoustic vibration can occur after only a few hours of operation, and the results can be catastrophic – costly equipment failure, loss of production, environmental damage, and personnel safety issues.

Acoustic-Induced Vibration (AIV)

Acoustic-induced vibration (AIV) occurs when high-capacity gas systems flow through pressure relief devices to create high acoustic energy which excites the pipe system wall and causes high-frequency (>200 Hz) vibration. AIV is often hidden until the vibration is heard, a valve is opened, or a pipe is touched.

AIV failures happen quickly, often within a few hours of operation, and are often found in:

  • Compressor recycle systems
  • Steam de-superheater systems
  • High-capacity safety valve pressure let-down systems
  • Small-bore connections or branches
  • Welds

Why Perform an AIV Assessment?

OSHA’s process safety management (PSM) standards require refineries, chemical, petrochemical, and other industrial processing facilities to follow strict guidelines to prevent the loss of containment. At E2G, we provide practical solutions to address the issue and proactively extend the equipment’s lifecycle.

When to Conduct an AIV Assessment?

Be proactive and don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re starting an expansion project, changing pipe lengths, or re-purposing, take time to stop, listen, and solve. The current equipment is designed for the current flow rate and pressure; any changes could lead to piping fatigue failures caused by AIV.

E2G's AIV Workflow

We use a rigorous methodology to predict AIV failures, provide remedial actions, and reduce the potential for fatigue failures. We help mitigate the impact of AIV and reduce costs associated with increased piping schedules.

As part of our workflow, we will:

  • Identify processes requiring analysis
  • Conduct pulsation analysis
  • Provide equipment design or retrofit recommendations to reduce dynamic stress levels

Recommended Reading

Rotating Equipment, Vibration, & Dynamics Expertise

We are vibration experts who deliver practical solutions to complicated problems. We offer turnkey services – field data capture, personnel interviews, vibration measurements, and analysis – to deliver technically superior recommendations.

Our experts:

  • Have 40+ years of combined field experience
  • Are certified ISO VCAT-IV vibration analysts
  • Serve as voting members of the API 579 committee and develop standardized pipe vibration assessment methods for API 579
  • Are members of the API Sub-committee of Mechanical Equipment (SOME)
  • Collaborate with fitness-for-service (FFS) and materials & corrosion experts to manage an asset’s lifecycle