We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions about E2G’s public training courses. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please contact our training team.

Yes. All of E2G’s training courses can be taught privately to your company, delivered virtually or in-person at your site. Note that there is a minimum number of attendees in order to host a private course.
Yes. All of our training courses meet API’s ICP CPD third-party training requirements:
  • E2G is a recognized training provider whose SMEs develop and deliver the courses
  • E2G’s courses present topics that are directly related to the petrochemical industry and ICP certification
  • E2G’s courses have clear and relevant learning objectives
  • Contact hours are limited to 4-8 hours per day, depending on the course
  • Earned CPD hours do not exceed the time to complete the subject material
  • Each course has assessment mechanisms: example problems for attendees to complete and/or assessments through software such as Kahoot! or Jeopardy
  • Documentation of course completion is provided for each course through a certificate

Yes. All of E2G’s training courses offer the opportunity to earn between 6 and 32 CPD hours, depending on the course. For the specific CPD hours earned for a course, please reference the course description page on the website.

No. None of E2G’s courses is considered a “prep” course for an API certification exam. The knowledge learned from E2G’s courses, however, does provide an excellent foundation on which to further your preparation for API certification exams.

Course registration fees include an electronic pdf file containing all of the training course materials.
Course registration fees DO NOT include the following.

  • Printed hard copies of the course materials
  • Copies of API or ASME codes, standards, or recommended practices
  • Computer, internet, or software expenses

For in-person training, the fee includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Yes. The electronic course materials may be printed by the attendee. Otherwise, the attendee can highlight text, add comments or annotate the course content directly within the PDF during the course delivery.

No. E2G reserves all rights to the presentation and materials relating to the course. Any recording, duplication, or distribution of the presentation or materials, within or outside your company, is strictly prohibited.
  • A computer with a reliable internet connection and the MS Teams application
  • A working microphone and speakers
  • Multiple monitors are recommended in order to simultaneously view the Teams environment and your copy of the course notes
    • A laptop for displaying the electronic pdf file containing the course materials – if desired, you may print and bind a copy of the course materials prior to the course (at your own expense) and bring it to the course
    • A calculator for completing any example problems
    • Although not required, any reference standard in electronic format that may apply; instructors will have electronic access to any applicable standard if needed
    Yes. E2G reserves the right to cancel a course if minimum enrollment is not reached.
    Yes. The refund policy for cancellation of registration is as follows:
    • Up to 14 days prior to the course: 75% of registration fees are refunded
    • 13 to 6 days prior to the course: 50% of registration fees are refunded
    • Within 5 days prior to the course: 25% of registration fees are refunded
    We prefer to have two instructors teach our courses. This format is rather unique to E2G, since most other technical training providers typically use only one instructor to deliver courses. The benefits of two instructors are obvious: different backgrounds and experiences are shared with the attendees; true team-teaching results in efficiency and efficacy during the delivery of course content; more “energy” is available to engage attendees due to a shared workload; and issues are resolved without instruction interruption. At times, however, due to a lower number of registrants, it does not make financial sense to have two instructors teach the course. In that case, we will have our most highly-rated, lead instructor.

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