Are your Assets Safe, Stable, & Secure?

Proactive Solutions for Challenging Engineering Problems

Deteriorating assets — including fixed equipment, structures, foundations, and other infrastructure — cost businesses billions of dollars per year.

Proactively evaluating the mechanical and structural integrity of your assets helps solve issues, minimize failures, and save money. At E2G, we leverage our design and in-service expertise to ensure your assets are stable, safe, and secure. We provide you with practical solutions to extend the life of your asset.

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Reduce the risk of structural failure

Decrease shutdown time

Increase operational safety

Improve business continuity

Mechanical & Structural Engineering Consulting Service Areas

Guidance on material selection, equipment design, and fabrication reviews will increase reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and improve personnel and facility safety.

Manage future strategies for inspection and asset management by developing protocol documents and documentation that meets jurisdictional compliance and guides future inspection and asset management strategies with a detailed SFS assessment.

Increase operational reliability and extend equipment life by making informed run, repair, replace decisions on in-service equipment. 

Risk assessments on current structures and foundations determine inadequacies and develop practical improvements, repairs, or modifications.  

Invest in the reliability and future performance of a site’s assets by implementing key TAR strategies: pre-TAR planning, execution, and post-TAR planning.

Mitigate pressure vessel, piping, and storage tank susceptibility to catastrophic brittle fracture failures. 

Expert knowledge of industry codes and standards coupled with practical piping design experience will provide industry-leading solutions. 

Bolted Flange Joints

Solve bolted flange joint leakage and immediately reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability, and improve safety. 

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Mechanical & Structural Engineering Expertise

E2G’s mechanical and structural (M&S) engineers are internationally recognized in the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries as a leader on aging infrastructure services and support. As pioneers of FFS technologies and lead investigators on many international standards (API 579-1/ASME FFS-1, API 571), our team combines their extensive experience with state-of-the-art technology to help extend the lifecycle of your existing assets and create safe operating environments.

Our M&S experts: 

  • Have 200+ years of combined field experience  
  • Pioneered development of FFS  
  • Are the primary authors on WRC 528 and WRC 562 
  • Serve as lead investigators on API 579 and API 571 
  • Provide emergency onsite support within 24 hours