The Importance of Pre-Turnaround Reviews


Efficient completion of the turnaround (TA) work scope (i.e., scheduled maintenance) is arguably one of the largest factors in determining if a given site will satisfy the annual budget.  Of course, opportunity feedstocks, increased charge rates, unplanned shutdowns, among many other items can significantly impact the annual budget.  However, when the opportunity cost impact of a TA is millions of dollars a day, time becomes the most important factor when aiming to meet budget.  As a result, most facilities should begin planning for a TA several years ahead of the planned shutdown.  Essentially, the cost impact to the facility due to a TA can be managed by minimizing the unplanned work scope (safety and reliability not withstanding) and proper planning to minimize the overall downtime required to complete the work scope.  Additionally, if TAs are executed properly, then the frequency of unplanned shutdowns should greatly diminish, again aiding in satisfying the annual budget.  TAs are an investment in the reliability and future performance of a site’s assets.

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