Ansam Lafta, E.I.T.

SaaS Implementation Lead; Staff Engineer I
Years of Experience:
Education & Licenses:

Bachelor of Science, Oil & Gas Engineering, 2013, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Areas of Specialization:

Risk-Based Inspection Project Management
Systemization and Circuitization per API 570/574
PlantManager™ and Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS) data implementation and validation
Development and support for the PCMS API RBI Integrated Solution
Developed the PoweRBI tool


Ms. Lafta joined E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. as an engineer with the Technology & Software Products Team.  She has managed and implemented RBI projects using E2G’s API RBI PlantManager™ software in accordance with the methodology of API RP 580/581.  In these projects, she is responsible for coordinating with clients and leading meetings, executing the RBI assessment, evaluating the inspection plan, and finalizing the reports and deliverables.

Furthermore, she has managed PCMS implementation projects in which she was responsible for coordinating, planning, and quality control of the execution.  With her integral knowledge in both PCMS and PlantManager™ software and projects, she has played a key role in the development and client support of the PCMS API RBI embedded tool.

Additionally, she utilized her knowledge of what companies would value as a great visual of the outputs of the PlantManager™ software and developed the PoweRBI software product that allows the users to visualize their RBI program using Microsoft’s Power BI software.  It is a dashboard that provides inspection and maintenance managers to corporate executives with a tool that allows for greater insight into the management of their inspection programs, organizing their KPIs, and an eventual improvement as they can make informed decisions of their MI program.

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