Christopher Massengale

Consulting Engineer II
Years of Experience:
Education & Licenses:

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, 1991, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Areas of Specialization:

Development and review of fixed equipment inspection programs
Review of historical data to provide reliability projections
Process design, equipment selection, procedure preparation, program audits, and engineering software development


Mr. Massengale has consulted in the refining and petrochemical industries performing evaluations of fixed equipment and piping systems through historical data review and on-site consultations.  He is the subject matter expert for the research and design, development, and reporting for the CorrSolutions Selective Corrosion Rate Analysis (SCRA) and Degradation Analysis (DA) tools.

Mr. Massengale has collected, organized, and validated mechanical integrity-related data with and has experience in inspection program optimization.

He has developed in-house software solutions to improve consulting efficiency and repeatability.

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