Edward P. Hlavacs

Senior Engineer I
Years of Experience:
Education & Licenses:

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Areas of Specialization:

Risk-Based Inspection Project Management
Risk-Based Inspection for Pressure Relief Devices (Versions 8, 9, 10)
Risk-Based Inspection for Fixed Equipment and Piping (Versions 8, 9, 10)
Risk-Based Inspection for Heat Exchanger Bundles (Versions 8, 9, 10)
Risk-Based Inspection for Atmospheric Storage Tanks (ASTs) (Versions 8, 9, 10)
Pressure Relief Device Studies
Hydraulic Analysis of Piping Systems
PFD/P&ID Development
Process Equipment Specification and Design
Oxygen/Fuel Gas Burner Flow-Train Design
Heat Treating Equipment Specification and Design
Process Instrumentation Specification
Troubleshooting and Technical Support for Refinery Shutdowns/Turnarounds


Mr. Hlavacs is a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) project manager responsible for PRD, fixed equipment/ piping, heat exchanger bundle and AST (RBI) analysis, and conducting RBI mentoring/training all over the globe.

In addition, Mr. Hlavacs was responsible for leading, developing, and organizing the effort to successfully complete and issue the API 581 Example Problems Manual.

Prior to joining E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc., Mr. Hlavacs had been responsible for the design, fabrication, testing, and commissioning of heating/cooling equipment for the tire and rubber industry where units ranged in size from small portable units to several-ton skid-mounted units.  He was in charge of all structural, mechanical, process, electrical, and PLC component specifications.

Mr. Hlavacs has process/process-mechanical engineering and design experience in refining, petrochemical, tire/rubber, steel-making, and various manufacturing disciplines.  He has served as the project leader responsible for equipment specification, design, and on-site installation for numerous process-related endeavors where the equipment installed ranged from oxygen enrichment flow systems to heat treating equipment.  He has also been involved in on-site studies gathering and analyzing data for various refining, petrochemical, and steel-manufacturing operations.  Mr. Hlavacs has been involved in PHAs, HAZOPS, and PRD studies in accordance with API RP 520/521, as well as RBI evaluations for refineries and petrochemical facilities in accordance with API RP 580/581.

Conference & Training Presentations:

  1. “Growing Up and Getting Better: The Evolution of an RBI Program,” presented by E. Hlavacs and J. Veillon at the 7th Biennial API Inspection Summit, January 30–February 2, 2017, Galveston Island, TX.
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