Timothy J. Blue

Group Head, Consulting Software Developer I
Years of Experience:
Education & Licenses:

Bachelor of Arts, Software Engineering, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Areas of Specialization:

C#, Java, C, C++, PHP
Software Design, Business Management
Technical Leadership on Multiple Software Products
Design, Implementation & Guidance of Key Software Features
Architecture Development & Support for Key Software Products


As the head of the software development group, Mr. Blue provides guidance and technical assistance in application architecture and design for numerous E2G software products.  He has been involved in both the design and the implementation phases of many key software initiatives at E2G.

Included in Mr. Blue’s 20 years of experience is the design and implementation of a web-based tool for retailers, programmed in PHP and hosted on a Solaris server using Apache.  In addition, he designed and implemented a MS Windows application, using MS Visual C++ with MFC Document/View architecture that provided a form-based interface for maintaining a development and production website that required no knowledge of HTML or programming to use.

Among his other accomplishments are the design of a dynamic web-based e-commerce site using Apache/MySQL/PHP running on a Linux server enabling customers to search by key words and purchase in real time using CURL libraries to talk with the credit card authority.  As part of a four-member team, Mr. Blue designed and implemented a web-based back office intranet application developed using Apache/MySQL/PHP running on a Linux server.  Mr. Blue was also the Team Lead Developer of a four-member team that designed and implemented a human resource package for Case Western Reserve University, which is used campus-wide for all hiring.  This system was developed in C, using Microsoft Visual Studio, and runs on a Windows NT/IIS server using the Informix Dynamic Server as its back-end database.

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