Manage Risk & Prioritize Inspection Schedules

Plants and facilities are facing stricter regulatory requirements putting cost control and equipment reliability as top priorities.

Implementing an inspection planning process using API RP 581 Risk Based Inspection Technology will enable plant management to maintain an evergreen managed-risk and cost-effective operating environment. If implemented incorrectly, these initially successful programs struggle years later due to poor ongoing program management.

At E2G, our goal is to develop an evergreen risk-based inspection (RBI) program that will continually optimize inspection-related activities using updated technologies and RBI software. Your facility will:

  • Optimize maintenance scheduling
  • Prioritize equipment inspection
  • Focus inspection dollars on the most critical areas
  • Extend inspection intervals of low-risk equipment
  • Facilitate informed run, repair, or replace decisions

Step 1: Develop a Solid Inspection Plan

Your priority is maintaining the integrity and validity of your RBI program. Our RBI experts will leverage their knowledge to keep your RBI data accurate and updated. We understand what the data means and how it impacts the safety, reliability, and profitability of your facility.

Using either API RBI software or your preferred software platform, our team will perform quality assurance checks throughout the RBI implementation process, identify issues that require further investigation, and collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team.

Step 2: RBI Program Management

E2G has supported RBI implementation programs at many petrochemical and chemical processing facilities and refineries across North America. We collaborate with you to develop customized RBI programs that meet your facility’s goals and provide on-site and off-site support to keep the program updated and current.



On-Site & Off-Site Support

E2G will manage RBI programs using API RBI software or other third-party RBI software tools.

  • Manage the creation and editing of new or existing equipment
  • Enter and grade new inspection histories
  • Provide expert knowledge and experience related to the complexities of an RBI program
  • Provide access to materials and corrosion expertise
  • Provide RBI inspection recommendations

Our support and expertise will keep RBI data up to date and accurate to maintain the integrity and validity of your RBI program. If your RBI program needs updating on a short or long-term basis, contact us to develop solutions for your plant.

With API RBI software, you will optimize your inspection plans by systematically factoring risk into your decision-making by identifying areas of vulnerability and reducing equipment performance uncertainties. API RBI is the industry’s only fully compliant API 581 calculator that will help you efficiently and accurately plan maintenance strategies. API RBI calculations will guide recommendations for each component to account for applicable damage mechanisms, provide a quantitative risk calculation, and recommend an inspection schedule based on risk.

Once the RBI program is successfully implemented, it’s important to update your corporate best practices to promote safety and improve the reliability of the equipment. The Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs) help facilities make informed design and maintenance decisions, minimize deviations, and promote safety and reliability.

Recommended Reading

RBI Expertise

E2G’s risk-based inspection engineers have supported the implementation of RBI programs for many refining, energy, petrochemical, and chemical facilities across North America. As a pioneer in RBI methodologies, our experts collaborate with E2G’s materials & corrosion experts to deliver the most experienced engineering consultancy for your RBI implementation.

Our RBI experts:

  • Have 250+ years of combined field experience
  • API 520 task force chairman for more than 25 years
  • Are lead investigators on API 581
  • Developed the only API-branded and fully compliant API 581 RBI software
  • Collaborate with E2G’s multi-disciplinary experts to provide practical recommendations