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Special Emphasis Areas in a Mechanical Integrity Program

Author: Joel Andreani

Implementing a mechanical integrity (MI) program at a processing facility is essential for maintaining safe and reliable operations. In this article, Joel Andreani investigates an important subset of an MI program: special emphasis mechanical integrity (SEMI) programs.

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Evaluating a Tank Fixed Roof Structural Failure

Author: Derek Slovenec

Aboveground storage tanks are susceptible to damage from many factors, including environmental loads, process upset conditions, strength reduction due to metal loss, tank settlement, or some combination thereof. This damage often manifests as buckling of the tank shell, which is thin relative to its large surface area.

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Q&A: Structural Integrity Programs

Authors: Derek Slovenec; Joel Andreani

Aging or deteriorating structures, foundations, and other infrastructure cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars each year. Problems with structures and foundations are often a result of design flaws, construction defects, deteriorating conditions, extreme environmental events, and/or changes in applied loads.

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