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Level Measurement in Mature Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Level Measurement in Mature Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Author: Bart Smith

Mature storage tanks were typically constructed between 1950 to 1970. As the installation of remote monitoring solutions increases in mature tanks, maintenance personnel must start addressing the best way to make the required change or addition. In this article, Bart Smith explores the history of tank level management and measurement techniques and provides recommendations for updating instrumentation to improve safety and reliability.

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Prevention of Overfill for Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Author: Phillip J. Smith

The 5th edition of the ANSI/API Overfill Prevention for Storage Tanks in Petroleum Facilities was recently released. In this article, read about the recent changes to API 2350 and an 11-step procedure that you can apply at your processing facility.

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No Documentation, No Problem. OSHA Compliance is Still Feasible.

Author: Brian R. Macejko

Conducting suitability-for-service (SFS) assessments helps owner-operators obtain OSHA compliance for any fixed equipment that lacks documentation. In this article, Brian Macejko highlights E2G’s six-step process, based on API 510 Pressure Vessels, that helps owner-operators comply with OSHA requirements.

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Tank RBI, Not Just an Inspection Deferral Tool

Author: Joel Andreani

Learn how applying quantitative RBI principles to storage tanks will result in optimized inspection intervals and reduced risk of loss of containment. This article discusses the difference between qualitative and quantitative tank RBI and how tank RBI is a central part of a facility’s overall tank integrity management program (IMP).

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Fitness-for-Service for Aboveground Storage Tanks

Author: Katelyn J. Gustoff

This article explores applying the API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 (API 579) FFS standard to aboveground storage tanks and shares several case studies to illustrate how FFS techniques can help you make informed run-repair-replace decisions for a facility’s storage tanks.

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Evaluating a Tank Fixed Roof Structural Failure

Author: Derek Slovenec

Aboveground storage tanks are susceptible to damage from many factors, including environmental loads, process upset conditions, strength reduction due to metal loss, tank settlement, or some combination thereof. This damage often manifests as buckling of the tank shell, which is thin relative to its large surface area.

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