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Tank RBI, Not Just an Inspection Deferral Tool

Author: Joel Andreani

Learn how applying quantitative RBI principles to storage tanks will result in optimized inspection intervals and reduced risk of loss of containment. This article discusses the difference between qualitative and quantitative tank RBI and how tank RBI is a central part of a facility’s overall tank integrity management program (IMP).

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Turnarounds: Executing a Problem-Solving Team

Author: Kraig S. Shipley

A successful turnaround has five main stages: setting goals, project scoping, detailed planning, execution, and post-turnaround planning. This article focuses on the advantages of a problem-solving team to resolve equipment inspection discovery and efficiently minimize lost opportunity costs.

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The Importance of Pre-Turnaround Reviews

Authors: Paul J. Kowalski; Brian L. Jack

A turnaround can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of a dollars per day. In this article, you’ll learn how Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) helps to manage the costly impact of turnarounds through proper pre-planning to minimize the overall downtime.

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Q&A: Structural Integrity Programs

Authors: Derek Slovenec; Joel Andreani

Aging or deteriorating structures, foundations, and other infrastructure cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars each year. Problems with structures and foundations are often a result of design flaws, construction defects, deteriorating conditions, extreme environmental events, and/or changes in applied loads.

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