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Level Measurement in Mature Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Author: Bart Smith

Mature storage tanks were typically constructed between 1950 to 1970. As the installation of remote monitoring solutions increases in mature tanks, maintenance personnel must start addressing the best way to make the required change or addition. In this article, Bart Smith explores the history of tank level management and measurement techniques and provides recommendations for updating instrumentation to improve safety and reliability.

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A Methodology for Difficult Level Application Evaluations

Author: Melissa Westbrook

Harsh process conditions, extreme material properties, or limited infrastructure are contributing factors to difficult level applications. By implementing a consistent methodology for difficult level applications, you will achieve high uptime and system reliability. In this article, Melissa Westbrook outlines a simple documentation and methodical analysis to support new or existing instrumentation at your facility.

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Prevention of Overfill for Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Author: Phillip J. Smith

The 5th edition of the ANSI/API Overfill Prevention for Storage Tanks in Petroleum Facilities was recently released. In this article, read about the recent changes to API 2350 and an 11-step procedure that you can apply at your processing facility.

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An Unfinished Chapter

Author: Philip A. Henry, P.E.

This article, published in the September 2021 issue of World Fertilizer, discusses the improvements to the API codes and standards and how those changes impact the 3% rule.

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Identifying and Understanding the Risk of Acoustic-Induced Vibration Failures

Authors: Nathan D. Libertowski; Michael F.P. Bifano

Acoustic-induced vibration (AIV) is often more difficult to identify than other vibration mechanisms, such as flow-induced turbulence, slug flow, mechanical excitation from machinery, and acoustic pulsation. This article discusses ways to identify and mitigate AIV at a plant, plus how to proactively prevent AIV using design controls.

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